The Mind the Gap Report by Baby Lifeline

This morning we hit the headlines with our collaborative report with Baby Lifeline the Mother and Baby charity, investigating frontline maternity training.

When things go wrong in healthcare, they can have huge and tragic consequences for mothers, babies and their loved ones. Unfortunately these incidents happen all too often and our investigation set out to identify what could be done in order to prevent or at least reduce these events. While these incidents impact families in unimaginable ways, we also have to recognise what impact it has on maternity staff and what we can do to avoid losing talented staff to grief and loss of confidence.

The answer is the provision of training and standardisation across disciplines within maternity units. The Mind the Gap Report is a clear demonstration of what needs to be done to enable the government to reach their ambitious target of reducing harm and death during childbirth by half by 2025.

Judy Ledger, Founder and Chief Executive of Baby Lifeline said:

“This is a unique report researching training delivered on the front line.  It highlights the training actually delivered in the last financial year rather than showing the intentions of trusts and health boards to provide it.  The report shows there is a clear difference between what is said is being done and what is happening, and we’re highlighting this so that action can be taken for the benefit of mothers and their babies.”

You can download the full report on Baby Lifeline’s website along with the infographic to give a snapshot of the issues in question.

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