Course Facilitator
Enhanced Maternal Care

Rhoda Flynn

Practice Development Midwife, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Rhoda has 20 year’s experience in the NHS. She always wanted to be an ICU Nurse and held this post for 10 years. The opportunity to give complete care to a patient and their family is something she valued and still sometimes misses.  Rhonda never wanted to be a Midwife. The idea came to her on a night shift and just grew and the next thing she knew was that she was starting her training.

Rhoda is proud to be a Midwife and says “there is no better profession”. Her transferable skills in addition to the specialist skills of Midwifery have allowed her to specialise in caring for woman who require an enhanced level of care. She is now a Practice Development Midwife and is very excited about having a positive impact on safety and experience of woman and families.

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