Research Midwife

Ms Louise Stephens

Research Midwife, St Mary’s Hospital Manchester

Louise is a lead midwife for women with Lupus in Pregnancy (LiPs) clinic at St Mary’s Hospital Manchester, providing pre-conception advice, antenatal care and postnatal follow up for this group of high risk women. The LiPs clinic is led by Dr Clare Tower and Professor Bruce and aims to personalise and tailor care for women with Lupus Spectrum Disorders in order to reduce their risk of known pregnancy complications.

She is also part of the Manchester Placenta Clinic and the St Mary’s Rainbow Clinic team. The Manchester Placenta Clinic, led by Dr Ed Johnstone, is a novel clinic which aims to improve the care and outcomes of women at risk of fetal growth restriction (FGR) by effective antenatal detection and through the delivery of timely individualised care. The Rainbow Clinic, Led by Dr Alex Heazell, is an innovative service for bereaved parents beginning with the investigation of perinatal death, making plans for and then providing intensive screening for complications in a subsequent pregnancy and additional psychological support.

Louise and her colleagues are committed to the reduction of perinatal mortality in the UK alongside the provision of individualised care by a dedicated team known to the women and their families. Both clinics are a partnership between Tommy’s the baby charity, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and The University of Manchester.
Louise has a breadth of clinical experience and in September 2013 embarked on a research role, leading a national study locally and leading research in the LiPs clinic funded by SPARKS charity.

Louise is set to commence her Masters in Midwifery in February 2015. Louise is a Subject Matters Expert for a health consultancy and an article reviewer for the British Journal of Midwifery.

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