Clinical Team Manager
Childbirth Emergencies in the Community

Lydia Miller

Paramedic – Clinical Team Manager

Background:  Lydia began working for the London Ambulance Service in 2012 as a student paramedic whilst undertaking training at St Georges University of London. Prior to this, she completed her A-levels and worked part-time as a support worker for adults with learning difficulties. Due to her academic achievements, Lydia was expected to go into medicine, but instead decided on paramedic science as the profession interested her.

Obstetric experience:  She has been a qualified paramedic since 2014 and has been present at approximately 50 out of hospital births, delivering approximately 20 of them herself, often alone. As she works both on the cars and on the ambulances she experiences the immediate emergency and follows the patient all the way into the delivery suit. She is what is known as a “baby magnet” amongst her colleagues, and has delivered breech babies, resuscitated new borns, looked after a woman with cord prolapse and placenta abruption but is yet to see shoulder dystocia! She has had maternal collapses from large PPHs more times then she cares to remember, and has also been first on scene to a third trimester mother in traumatic cardiac arrest. It is fair to say she has seen her fair share of out of hospital obstetric emergencies. POET Certified.

Job Role: Lydia currently works as a Clinical Team Manager in central London. She attends high acuity patient’s, including birth complications, and obstetric emergencies as well as a number of other emergencies and incidents. Lydia attends as part of a Clinical Manager response, and provides clinical leadership on scene, as well as staff welfare afterwards. Lydia also works closely with various stakeholders across the Trust to provide training and development for her team, as well as the larger staff group. Maternity training of course being her favourite!

Future aspirations: Lydia hopes to develop within the Ambulance Service managerial roles but primarily with a goal to evoke positive change. Lydia strives for improvement through collaboration, and believes it is key to patient safety and better outcomes. By engaging with stakeholders, embracing innovation and caring for her staff she hopes to have a positive benefit to colleagues wellbeing, the patient journey and ultimately the wider NHS.

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