Course Director
Cultural Competency and Safety

Benash Nazmeen

Benash Nazmeen is a Specialist Cultural Liaison Midwife, working towards addressing health inequalities as highlighted by MBRRACE within maternity services.

A Trustee of Iolanthe Midwifery Trust, a Midwifery Ambassador and Chair for the SDMC Maternity Stream for NHSE, Benash is actively invested in improving maternity services for those we care for and those who work in them. She has co-designed and runs Cultural Competency and Safety Workshops for maternity Health care professionals, while working closely with diverse communities.

As Chair and Director of Sheffield Maternity Cooperative she is working to provide alternative spaces for advocacy, support and safe spaces for black and brown communities. Benash co-found The Association of South Asian Midwives (ASAM), they aim to increase awareness of South Asian communities and their concerns with maternity health care professionals. They are also working closely to highlight and support the South Asian workforce & working with the communities to tackle taboo subjects like loss, mental health, infertility etc.


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