#SleepOnSide – ‘Predict to Prevent’ Training Course Lead Heads Research

New research has found that sleeping on your side during the last trimester of pregnancy could help to prevent stillbirth. We are proud that Professor Heazell (pictured), who led the research for Tommy’s is part of our team delivering ‘Predict to Prevent’. The cutting-edge course focuses on evidence-based current research and guidance to predict and prevent stillbirths, preterm birth, and fetal growth restriction.

The study of over 1,000 women found that the risk of stillbirth doubled for pregnant women sleeping on their backs during the final three months of pregnancy.

The campaign #SleepOnSide has launched today to advise mothers to be to always go to sleep on their side (either side), whether just for a nap or when settling down for the night. If they wake in the night and find they are on their back, the advice is to simply roll back on to their side.

Lead author of the study, Professor Alex Heazell, and Course Director for ‘Predict to Prevent’ course, says

“We believe that identifying, and avoiding, risk factors that are strongly associated with stillbirth will reduce the number of babies who are stillborn. The MiNESS (The Midlands and North of England Stillbirth Study) results have implications as they indicate that if women go to sleep on their side in late pregnancy rather than on their back there could be 3.7% reduction in stillbirth.”

Baby Lifeline Training’s courses have leading experts heading up training, and Professor Heazell’s research is cutting-edge and vital in making pregnancies and births safer for mums and babies. Baby Lifeline’s work focuses on developing expert-led multi-professional training to share up-to-date recommendations from pertinent reports and research at the coal face of maternity.

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