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Our office is such a busy place right now with lots of exciting things in the pipeline for both us at Baby Lifeline Training, and Baby Lifeline and so it has been important to expand our team. With this in mind it gives us great pleasure to introduce one of the charity’s newest recruits, Hayley McCaffery. Hayley joined the Baby Lifeline team in April as our Digital Communications and Marketing Manager. Now 100 days in to the role, let’s find out some more about her and see how she is getting on!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was in school I loved to read and I desperately wanted to be an author. I used to write stories and make them into books and illustrate them for my younger brother. By the time I was studying my GCSEs and I was looking at college courses I decided that writing novels took too long and I wanted to be a journalist instead because of the faster turnaround time. I was part of the first year to take the Media Studies GCSE at my school and I went on to study Media and Communication at college and university. It was there that I developed an interest in video production. I got my foot in the door at the BBC with a job in their shop which allowed me to do some production training but new roles very rarely open up. During this time I also became an avid social media user and became interested in how it could be utilised for marketing. I volunteered at Birmingham City University helping to promote their new Masters courses in digital marketing and got to be a guinea pig for their short course – I had found my niche!

What attracted you to the role at Baby Lifeline?
Working with a charity has always appealed to me and the work that Baby Lifeline does is really worthwhile and rewarding. The team are close-knit and passionate about what they do – who wouldn’t want to work here?!

What experience are you bringing to the role/team?
My voluntary role at BCU opened doors for me in terms of my career, I got access to digital marketing courses with industry experts which helped me get my break as a Social Media Executive at a marketing agency. After that I worked as a Digital Marketing Executive where I expanded my digital communication skills and gained in-house experience.

Personally I am also a social media addict and love keeping up-to-date with the industry by reading blogs about digital campaigns, advertising and marketing. I’m a bit of a geek in that respect but the online world moves really fast so you have to keep up!

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in your first 100 days?
I have done many exciting things already during my short time here, some I cannot tell you about yet though as they are top secret! Calling one of our longstanding patrons, Nick Owen, has been a highlight so far. When I worked at the BBC I would sometimes see Nick coming in for his shifts on Midlands Today but I never got to meet him. Now, thanks to my role here at Baby Lifeline I will finally get to meet him.

What have you learnt?
A lot! I have never worked in the charity sector before and I am learning so much from Judy about managing an appeal and fundraising. I am also learning a lot about maternity units and the equipment and training they need to provide the best care possible for mothers and their babies.

Describe a typical day at the office.
I start the day by checking my emails and writing a to-do list, after that anything goes! From talking to Baby Lifeline fundraisers, our corporate partners and hospitals to liaising with our PR agency and approaching VIP ambassadors, no two days are the same!

I also keep our supporters informed about what we are up to by writing news stories for our blog, updating our social media channels and continually updating our website.

When you aren’t working, what are you doing?
Scrolling through my social media feeds! I also enjoy watching films, I have a large DVD collection and subscribe to Total Film and Empire magazine. I am also in a film quiz team which meets monthly at the Lighthouse Media Centre in Wolverhampton.

Whenever I can at the weekends I make use of my English Heritage membership, enjoying the outdoors and exploring castles.

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