The Importance of Resilience in Maternity Healthcare

The Importance of Resilience in Maternity Healthcare

shutterstock_163572797How can we stay calm and lead well in the kind of high crisis situations that occur at the frontline of maternity health services without burning out? How can we still empower others when under stress rather than behaving like dictators.

Delivering consistent compassionate and effective care at the frontline of maternity health services requires mental and emotional resilience. This study day is all about being resilient under pressure. The resilience we are talking about is NOT the growing of a thick skin, rather it is about the capacity to be adaptable, to respond from a position of self-agency and to maintain connectedness with colleagues and patients.

RES-150x150Mental and emotional resilience involves developing a mind-set and an emotional literacy, that is flexible, can adjust and regulate in times of adversity. People enacting resilience can maintain an equilibrium under pressure while retaining awareness of the wider environment, and continue to move act and interact positively without blame or recriminations. Leading a team in this way, draws on everyone’s resources and prepares them to meet critical incidents together, stepping free of a culture of blame.

For more information or to book on our course, Resilience Training for Maternity Healthcare Professionals in Birmingham on the 6th July, click here.

This training day will explore mechanisms for enhancing people’s resilience. It will support people to take on personal ownership of their experience, and develop a mind-set that is supportive in connecting with the humanity in self and others.

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