Resilience Training for Maternity Healthcare Professionals

How Resilient Are You?

We took our Resilience Training for Maternity Healthcare Professionals, in partnership with InterBe, to the Jury’s Inn hotel in Birmingham at the beginning of June. We welcomed over 80 delegates from NHS Trusts across the UK; from London to Manchester.

The aim was for delegates to think about how they can be more resilient. Throughout the day, delegates focused on how to develop the qualities, attitudes, beliefs and perspectives to adapt, persevere and ‘bounce-back’ from challenges and hardships they have encountered and endured both professionally and personally.

Kirstien Bjerregaard and Simon Daly of InterBe, taught the one-day multi-disciplinary course and engaged the delegates to  think about times they were and were not resilient. The delegates participated in the content, breaking out into small groups, randomly selected so each delegate got the chance to network with new people. This made the delegates gain a new perspective on how each person deals with being resilient and how they persevered from the challenges they had faced.

The day consisted of group work, questions asked by Kirstien and Simon to make the delegates dive deep and think about their own personal resilience. They also encouraged delegates to work together to come up with activities and small gestures that would bring colleagues together in and outside of work.

The intent was that each participant left the programme with:
• A new access to being resilient, a renewed sense of confidence to be resilient and how to apply this to patient safety and maternity care
• A profound awareness and understanding of the difference being resilient can make to teams who work with women, their babies and their families

The feedback received stated that they had ‘enjoyed hearing other people’s/hospital’s ways of praising and showing appreciation to staff’ and thought the last session called ‘You to Me Are…’ was an ‘Excellent [way] to end the day – very moving!’

For those of you who missed out on attending the course, check out the list of courses on our website. We look forward to seeing you at one very soon.

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