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It is so important to us that we receive your feedback in order to improve our future courses, and in order to inform future delegates of why BIRTH 2 UK Maternity Training could positively influence their practice. If you’d like to send us a testimonial please email us at training@babylifeline.org.uk.

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[chart percentage=’94’ size=’170′ barcolour=’#1dc6df’ trackcolour=’#e4e4e4′ content=’94%’ align=’center’]

94% rated quality of education as ‘Very Good‘ or ‘Excellent



[chart percentage=’100′ size=’170′ barcolour=’#1dc6df’ trackcolour=’#e4e4e4′ content=’100%’ align=’center’]

100% of delegates reported an effective influence on practice



[chart percentage=’98’ size=’170′ barcolour=’#1dc6df’ trackcolour=’#e4e4e4′ content=’98%’ align=’center’]

98% of delegates reported that they considered to modify their practice after seeking more information



[chart percentage=’91’ size=’170′ barcolour=’#1dc6df’ trackcolour=’#e4e4e4′ content=’91%’ align=’center’]

A further 91% stating they had a definite intention to modify practice after attending the course



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