Resilience, Resourcefulness and Wellbeing

For maternity healthcare professionals


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Frontline Resilience is a not-for-profit which supports professionals working in Frontline services to access their resilience and resourcefulness whatever the circumstance. It provides coaching, counselling, training and consultancy services to individuals, groups and organisations.

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The Need For Training

Delivering effective and compassionate care in the frequently overstretched maternity health service draws on professionals’ resilience and resourcefulness.

The day to day pressures of staff shortages, patient complications, and team dynamics, as well as dealing with serious incidences often have detrimental consequences on wellbeing, motivation and job satisfaction, which can result in staff leaving their jobs, sickness and burnout.

Being able to access their resilience and resourcefulness enables professionals to respond appropriately and wisely, to difficult circumstances or situations and maintain their wellbeing and efficiency.

This course offers an experiential understanding of how professionals’ state of mind and their connection with others fuels their resilience and wellbeing.

Aims of the Course

For participants to gain a better understanding of resilience, how to access it in challenging times and how to support colleagues and patients to be in touch with their own resilience.

  • Learn how state of mind and social support shapes resilience.
  • Raise awareness of how thought creates experience and influences outcomes.
  • Expand capacity to perform at peak potential even in complex and stressful environments.
  • Understand resilience from both a personal and team/group perspective.
  • Review how personal thinking and behaviour might influence resilience.
  • Integrate the learning with relevant key objectives of the NHS.
Relevant For

The course is ideally taught in a multidisciplinary setting and is relevant to all members of the maternity team, including midwives, obstetricians, theatre support staff, anaesthetists and healthcare professionals. It is also relevant for medico-legal practitioners.


This course is ideally taught in a multidisciplinary setting. The intent is that each participant leaves the programme with:

  • New insights into how to access their own resilience.
  • A renewed sense of confidence in their capacity to respond appropriately and wisely in challenging circumstances.
  • A profound awareness of the difference understanding resilience and wellbeing can make to teams who work with women, their babies and their families.
  • Identifying actions that can be taken by individuals and teams at work to support accessing resilience and wellbeing.

The following key domains will be covered:

  • An exploration of resilience – identifying the nature of resilience, uncovering myths and unhelpful taken for granted assumptions.
  • The role that perception and thought plays in fuelling resilience and wellbeing.
  • How being resilient positively influences the effects and outcomes of typical challenging scenarios at work.
  • Creating contexts that support colleagues and patients to be resilient.
  • How to be with patients’ distress and upset without it having a detrimental effect on yourself.
  • Clinical implications and relevance – how resilience applies to patient safety and maternity care.
  • Kirstien Bjerregaard
    BIRTH2 Course Director - Resilience Training for Maternity Healthcare Professionals
  • Emma Greenslade
    BIRTH2 Course Director - Resilience Training for Maternity Healthcare Professionals