Birth 2 Launch Dinner

This dinner was to launch the ground breaking ‘Birth 2 UK’. Birth 2 UK is an exciting and multi professional training initiative for over 3000 health professionals, and a direct response to ‘Ten Years of Maternity Claims’ NHS Litigation Authority’s report findings and recommendations. Associated lawyers are also included for the training which will be led by expert clinicians, midwives and lawyers, providing relevant and cutting edge professional development training throughout 2014.

We would very much like to thank our guests for their kind donations, time and support on the night. We were joined by lead clinical experts, NHS LA officials, lawyers, and major corporate executives for a night of glamour, fundraising, and pertinent speeches by Professor James Drife and Robert Francis QC of the Francis Report.

Both speakers, Mr Francis and Professor Drife, highlighted main areas of contention with regard to NHS clinical negligence claims; the volume and recurrence of avoidable mistakes and the importance of training.

Mr Francis informed guests that of the astonishing £1.117 billion spent on clinical negligence claims in the NHS in 2012-2013 (roughly 10% of the budget on the whole), the Obstetric and Gynaecological claims were the leading sector in the amount paid out.

“Can we just look at past mistakes and think they are satisfactory?” He later continued: “Some of this appalling catalogue of injury and associated misery can be reduced by improvements to training and I am really glad to see this charity’s contribution to this”.

“There can be few more worthwhile causes than one which seeks to protect babies from damage in the course of their entry into this world. This is a remarkable charity founded and run by remarkable people. It deserves all of our support.”

In Professor Drife’s speech, he announced his relief in retiring from writing medico-legal reports outlining the “same mistakes and the same tragic consequences…year after year… and nobody seemed to be able to do anything about them. One thing I haven’t retired from, however, is my connection with Baby Lifeline… a unique organisation that is doing something.”

“We can write articles and speak about it, and some of us do, but Judy Ledger [CEO and Founder of Baby Lifeline] has done something about it. Thanks to her drive and vision she has developed a network of highly qualified volunteers to provide multi-disciplinary training.”


The evening was presented by BBC’s Nick Owen, who has been a long-standing supporter of the charity, and ended with a lively auction by celebrity auctioneer Eric Knowles.

Born from personal tragedy 32 years ago, this unique and important charity has so far raised over £9 million to provide vital technology for maternity and neonatal units as well as focused, multi professional training – to ensure the healthiest outcome possible from pregnancy and birth.

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